I Know….You Love Me….

I don’t know what’s going on your mind,
but I know you don’t want to leave me alone.
I know you are not there to hold my hand,
but I also know that you don’t want to see me gone.

You asked me to trust and I tried to do,
but sometimes my faith starts shaking.
I know that I love you from core of my heart,
but sometimes my patience starts breaking.

The way you look at me assures your love,
but I m unable to read your silent lips.
Your touch takes me to another world,
but it’s still hard to continue our relationships.

I think you love me, I think you don’t.
I think you’ll come for me, I think you wont.
You told me, you’ll never hurt me but still you are doing so.
Don’t take me to a point where i’ll have to leave you and go.

I don’t know what should I ask from you.
I don’t want to force you for anything, just be true.
Just do me a favor don’t ever cheat me and
don’t do anything which makes me regret that i loved you.

Still deep inside my heart, there is a stupid wish.
The moment I die you sit beside me holding my hand
and say to me that “it was great sharing our lives”
Come to me, let’s together make our castles of sand.