We reached the mall, everyone scattered searching for their stuffs, even started checking some shirts. Then I heard Karan’s voice asking me “which colour do you think will suit me more”. He was holding two shirts, one blue checks and one black and blue stripe. I couldn’t believe but just said blue checks hesitantly, he had a similar shirt in school time and it used to suit him a lot.

He asked me “so you liked anything??”

I just said “I am still looking”

He replied “I just saw a Kurta there; I think it will suit you. Why don’t you give it a try?”

I was little uncomfortable, all of a sudden why this guy was acting so sticky. Till yesterday he was not even replying to my greetings then why all of a sudden he is acting so differently.

I said “but I don’t need any Kurta.”

He said “I am not asking you to buy it just try it, maybe you’ll need it after trying.”

I didn’t want to extend the argument and I just tried it, it was looking actually very nice. He had a good taste but I still didn’t want to buy it because he suggested me.

I told him” It didn’t fit me; It was looking weird on me”

He said “ohhh….. fine.”

Then I told him that “I am going to see Neha, I’ll catch you later.”

He smiled and said fine. His smile still had that magic which he had in school time. His eyes still seemed to hold lots of secrets, I wanted to stop and look deep into his eyes but that would have been crazy. I left with a fake smile.

In the night, I was standing on the terrace gazing at the stars. I was lost in the memories of the past and realities of present. Then again I heard Karan’s voice from back.

He said: “so what are you doing here alone??”

I replied: “Nothing.”

Karan:  So how is Mumbai??

Me: It’s good.

Karan: and your office??

Me: Even that’s good.

Karan: So you committed??

Me: No but why are you asking this??

Karan: why can a handsome guy ask this question to a pretty lady??

Me: What do you mean??

Karan: Hahahahahah. Just kidding, you still get so serious on jokes.

Me: Really……

Karan: So you missed me??

Me: aaaaaaaaa……. Yeah.

Karan: Then why didn’t you ever try to contact me.

Luckily Nidhi came to call us for dinner and our conversation ended.

Next morning everyone was so busy with the marriage rituals. Even I was trying to help out. Then Karan came wearing the same shirt he bought yesterday and asked me “So, how do I look now??”

I replied: Nice.

Karan: Do you remember I had a similar shirt in school time? But I never liked that. I don’t know but I like this one.

Me: You are so stupid. Even that shirt used to suit you a lot.

Karan: oh so you do remember.

Me: Yeah a little.

I didn’t know what he wanted or what was he trying to prove. Yeah I used to love him in school time in spite he was my best friend Naina’s boyfriend but I didn’t do it knowingly. I have already paid for it; I lost Naina’s friendship and trust forever. At least Nidhi was the one who understood me and stood by my side. But now I don’t have any feelings for him and if I have also……. No, I don’t have…… TO BE CONTINUED…..


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