Neha, Nidhi and I were best friends. We used to be together in moments of happiness and sorrow. We were inseparable, always laughing and joking around. But things do not always stay the same….

One day Karan joined school, a naughty sporty good-looking boy. Many fell for him at the first sight, and our Neha was also in the list. In starting it was fun, we used to tease Neha and try to get them set with each other. We used to create situations, so that they get time to spend with each other and finally things started working out as we wanted it to be. One beautiful day, Neha gave us the great news that Karan proposed her and they were in a relationship now. I and Nidhi were very happy for both of them.

But situations had to change again, Karan flunked in science and Neha urged me to help him out with the subject as I was the subject topper. I started teaching him and he used to co-operate due to Neha’s pressure. One day Neha called me and informed that she has got jaundice and wont be able to come to school for around a month but she wanted me to continue helping Karan with science and do the impossible task of convincing him to study.

From the next day my struggle began. Running behind Karan as if I am not helping him out, he is helping me. In the middle of the topic, he will remember all the funny stories and try his best to distract me from the subject. Talk to him about anything other than science, he will be happy. Start talking about science and he will start making excuses to change the topic. So I had to spend hours to teach him one topic. Run behind him in school, go to his house, so that he can clear the next exam and does not get a year back. By god’s grace, he started understanding the subject and getting better with time.

But something was not going right. I fell for him…… In spite of knowing that it was the worst thing that could have happened to me at that point.