You say yes or you say no,

say a truth or say a lie,

i just wanna hear you,

wanna be with you till i die.


I wanna walk with you,

no matter how the paths be,

wanna share your tears,

just wanna call you me.


You praise me or criticize me,

think once, who am i????

wanna be on your mind for sometime,

wanna be with you till i die


Wanna see deep in your eyes,

and know who you truly are,

wanna be lost in your world,

and leave this world very far.


It may be hard or it may be easy,

i may be land and you may be sky,

there is only one wish i ask from god,

wanna be with you till i die………….




i don’t know what
i m searching for???
but it will be mine
that’s for sure…

i don’t want to look back
and think what i have lost.
just want some dreams to come true
no matter how much they cost….

i lost my love, i lost my dreams
but then also life is going on.
i cant stop and cry for them,
i know i can’t get, which has gone…

i feel like a looser
who lost everything
no aim, no passion
but waiting for something…

when i see in the mirror
i don’t recognize myself.
i want to believe it’s a nightmare
or want to cry for help…

i want to runaway
leaving everything midway.
but i know it wont work
it’s just easy to say…

but i have strong faith
that one time will come.
when night will be gone
and i will be the rising sun…