I Know….You Love Me….

I don’t know what’s going on your mind,
but I know you don’t want to leave me alone.
I know you are not there to hold my hand,
but I also know that you don’t want to see me gone.

You asked me to trust and I tried to do,
but sometimes my faith starts shaking.
I know that I love you from core of my heart,
but sometimes my patience starts breaking.

The way you look at me assures your love,
but I m unable to read your silent lips.
Your touch takes me to another world,
but it’s still hard to continue our relationships.

I think you love me, I think you don’t.
I think you’ll come for me, I think you wont.
You told me, you’ll never hurt me but still you are doing so.
Don’t take me to a point where i’ll have to leave you and go.

I don’t know what should I ask from you.
I don’t want to force you for anything, just be true.
Just do me a favor don’t ever cheat me and
don’t do anything which makes me regret that i loved you.

Still deep inside my heart, there is a stupid wish.
The moment I die you sit beside me holding my hand
and say to me that “it was great sharing our lives”
Come to me, let’s together make our castles of sand.



Don’t know what to say
or how to move away.
He is standing in front of me
but we have become strangers today.

I remember the day
when he was everything to me.
I knew nothing more than him
and made him my destiny.

But he never belonged to me
we were not even good friends
but whatever relationship we shared
even that has come to an end.

I tried to make everything normal but it didn’t work.
I wept a lot for him but he never cared.
I know, he doesn’t want me back
or remember any moment which we shared.

But i think sometimes,
nothing is better than something.
There is a lot more in this world
a single person can’t be everything.

Everyone says I should move on
even i know that this is right.
It’s his wish whom he choose
but still i cry for him every night.